Employers have a responsibility to curate a psychologically safe environment for LGBTQ+ employees and their families

By Alicia Spanswick, Program Manager, frogTX

As a bisexual woman who has often been called a “tomboy,” I’ve recognized that my oldest child was neither heterosexual nor cisgender since they were very small. So when they officially “came out” as nonbinary and bisexual, it was not at all shocking. Inside our home, the transition was relatively smooth — adjusting to a new name and pronouns was only challenging in the habitual sense. Harder, though, was how it prompted me to grapple with the ways my own sexual identity is unlike that of many other LGBTQ+ women. I am a cisgender…

The founders of Dispatch Goods aren’t just trying to eliminate single-use takeout containers. They’re also building a model for more impactful and inclusive sustainability ventures.

In early 2020 frog partnered with Dispatch Goods, an innovative sustainability startup founded by Lindsey Hoell, a former surfwear entrepreneur, and Maia Tekle, former West Coast Partnerships Lead at Caviar. After witnessing the environmental impact of single-use plastics and packaging in these earlier careers, Hoell and Tekle forged a partnership. With Dispatch Goods, they’re working to eliminate single-use plastic waste by providing restaurants and consumers with sturdy, reusable takeout containers.

Hoell and Tekle recently joined one of frog’s Monthly Venture Hangouts to discuss their startup journey and their experiences as women entrepreneurs. …

A friendly music competition helps build global community and connection during the pandemic

By Mike Prusaitis, Senior Program Manager, frog Austin

Illustrations by Lili Zuniga, Senior Visual Designer, frogMC

Do you remember going to a new school for the first time? It was exciting and terrifying. It was an opportunity to start over, to make the moves you missed at your last school. A chance to make new friends. A chance to be a better version of you.

When I joined frog as a Program Manager at the start of March 2020, I was feeling all those same feelings. I was eager to contribute to exciting and challenging new projects, take advantage of the professional and social opportunities in my new…

During AAPI Heritage month, we are gathering some of the conversations, resources and stories that have been shared across frog’s studios to support understanding and inclusion.

Over the past year, frogs have made focused efforts to share conversations, resources, and stories to support inclusivity and representation across our global studio network. During Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, those supports have focused on raising awareness about issues facing the AAPI community. Here are some of the highlights and insights from these ongoing conversations in our studios.

In early summer 2020, as the world reckoned with the surging pandemic and renewed mass protests against police violence, frogs started taking matters into their own hands. At frogSF, designers Eclair Junchaya and Raquel Kalil organized a grassroots program…

As calls for racial and social justice intensify, two frogs launched an initiative designed to help others Take Action.

By Eclair Junchaya and Raquel Kalil

Last summer, as protests for social and racial justice roared across the country, we reached out to some fellow frogs to discuss ways we could show up, step up and do more. Earlier in 2020 we had completed a program in which one of the core experience principles was “carrying it forward”; that message resonated with us and inspired us to empower others, even if only in small ways — after all, small steps toward…

Help frog, SCAD and SDN continue their research and develop insights in the field by participating in a survey on Service Design within the U.S.

frog is joining forces with the Service Design Network and the Savannah College of Art and Design to uncover the current state of Service Design in the United States. As we continue to deal with drastic shifts in our economy, we want to gather data that will help us best position the practice of Service Design for the future. To do that, we need your help—if you live in the United States and apply a Service Design mindset, methods and tools to your practice, we invite you to anonymously fill out this survey.

Service designers across the U.S. are dealing with drastic shifts in the service industry since the start of the pandemic. Looking to the future, it’s clear there is much work to be done to improve the quality of services provided to us as customers, patients, employees and citizens. As organizations shape new ways of working and try to understand the various forces affecting service delivery, they also face more critical challenges and responsibilities.

Today’s service providers must:

  • Understand the context and ecosystem within which their service operates
  • Design services with intention, not leaving anything to chance
  • Be conscious of design…

Over the last decade, our annual Trends Report has identified some of the most innovative, disruptive and socially impactful technological advances of the year and projected them forward, providing a glimpse into the immediate future of technology, business and design as seen by frogs from around the world. While some of our narrower predictions from across the decade have yet to be realized, many of the reports’ recurrent themes are undeniably reshaping our world — from the rise of deeply immersive consumer tech and experiences to the growing role of AI in industries as diverse as finance, medicine and transportation.

Studies show that inclusion boosts innovation and the bottom line. How can you make your virtual meetings more inclusive?

By Yukari Yamahiro, Strategist, frogNY

Inclusion means that the thoughts, ideas and perspectives of all individuals are embraced and celebrated. More often than not, however, meetings are dominated by the loudest voices, putting major decisions and opportunities in the hands of the most vocal person or group. This lack of inclusion in meetings, whether in-person or virtual, can result in unengaged and unsatisfied participants and hurt an organization’s culture and bottom line.

That’s why, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to design new approaches to virtual collaboration. Working remotely provides an environment to…

By Halle Kho, Executive Design Director, frogNY

In recent years the philosophy of design thinking has gained adherents across industries and sectors, and rightly so — it’s a powerful tool for reframing entrenched assumptions and patterns of thought, identifying unseen opportunities and developing innovative solutions to human problems. However, for an organization to successfully integrate design thinking principles and habits of mind into its culture, it must embrace design leadership. In short, design leaders must aim to practice and project the tenets of design thinking in all their official interactions and capacities—whether as a teammate, a supervisor, a subordinate or a service provider. …

Design Leadership needs empathy and understanding more than ever right now

By Halle Kho, Executive Design Director, NY

I can only speak for New York.

In retrospect, we knew it was coming. But it still felt like everything changed overnight. All of a sudden our city, our rhythms, our habits and our daily experiences had to change. And we changed. We sheltered. We left. We stopped.

Farther apart but closer together

Immediately after the lockdown, I felt it was important to maintain the feeling of “bumping into people” to make sure that everyone was okay. I reached out randomly to people, projecting confidence and positivity about social distancing and sheltering in place. After the first week…

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